Thursday, February 21, 2008

My First Post

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'll do my best to keep it up to date during my six month stay in Eastern Africa, so please feel fee to check it out again. I'll be putting pictures up too when I have them. Those people who have facebook, I'll be updating that as well, so i'll see you there!

Now, for those of you who I haven't told this to a hunded times already, here's a brief summary of my plans, subject to change without warning.

Upon arrival, my friend Steve and I will be heading up to Moshi to negotiate our way up Mt. Kilimanjaro. That will be quite a start to the trip, I imagine. It's the best weather we'll have for the next few months, so we decided we'd do it right away.
I'll be staying in Da es Salaam, the capitol of Tanzania with Steve for about a month after that, during which time I plan to visit Zanibar, explore, and possibly find a short term volunteer job. Then Steve is off to Australia in Mid April.
I am planning to hook up with a really awesome oganization in Uganda around mid May, so I will be making my way up to Uganda, visiting and touristing along the way. I assume I will find fellow travellers who also want to explore.
The organization in Uganda is called Edirisa, and if I like it there (I think I will), I may stay there until my flight leaves on August 19.
Then I'm going to Holland for my aunt's wedding and home on sept 1st.

I'm currently on my way to Dar es Salaam airport. I'm sad about leaving my family and friends (and of course Ian) fo so long, but I'm also exciting fo what I'm sure will be a really big adventure!

That's all for now, but expect further bulletins as events (and internet access) warrant.



ME said...

Hey Georgia,

It's great that you have set up a blog. Here's to an epic journey! I can hardly wait to hear how it is.

Mary Ellen

alex said...

how the heck did you get this posted, you only left yesterday! Did you have 9 hours at the Amsterdam airport or something? Love you and looking forward to all the next entries. happy trails.